Saturday, 31 October 2015


I’m sitting here with a little grin on my face, I’m just in a good place, mentally, work wise and with all my relationships. I genuinely love this blogs reach, I’m very happy with the direction it is going in and I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people through it. (I know I have a fair few emails to reply to, I promise I’ll do that soon!)
I am adamant to make this blog my free space, my area to offload creativity and document things to be proud of. I feel too often every time I look at blogs they push ‘new new new’ ‘buy buy buy’ ‘look at me look at me look at me’
I know I fall into that trap because the whole concept behind a blog is to remain current. But in all honesty I don’t want to make someone envy me, I don’t want people to think this life I live is perfect. I am your everyday joe. I don’t post daily, because some days Gurpreet and I are too busy with our 9-5’s, gym and family time to even pick up the camera. I don’t post new things all the time, purely because I don’t buy new things all the time, I’d love to showcase new seasons like magazines do, but I’m a one man band. I put energy and time into these shoots and posts because it’s what keeps me happy.
And when I’m happy we shoot magic pictures like the ones I’m posting. On this day we were driving around London and I loved the grey slate from a shoot we did earlier this month, Gurpreet and I decided to jump out and capture the look I was wearing. A simple little black dress does the job for many occasions. Like many items in my wardrobe it compliments my shape.
I think the main two key pointers to remember when buying clothes are:
-does it flatter your body shape?
–does the item have longevity in your wardrobe, can you wear it more than once and over different seasons?
If it ticks those two, I personally think it’s a winner. As you can see in my last couple of posts I do love a bodycon fit, I’m lucky enough to have genetics that favour the current ’butt trend’ but this dress was one I picked up in Milan earlier this year, I saw it in Zara and even though I didn’t need it, I knew it would be a staple in my wardrobe falling under the category ‘family appropriate and bum hiding’
I am so happy with the fit, this length skims my legs at the point they look slimmest, the waistline seam is slightly lower than usual so it disguises the hip waist ratio I have. This doesn’t draw too much attention to my obvious pear shape and looks elegant. Its like a win win situation going on with this dress!

Outfit – Dress/Zara (Similar) Heels/Primark Bag/LoveMoschino (Similar) Necklace/OttomanHands Earrings/OttomanHands Bracelets/OttomanHands , 2, 3 Rings/OttomanHands, 2, Evil eye ring coming soon. Enter 15MITIKA15 for 15% off on all Ottoman Hands orders.

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