Saturday, 27 December 2014

Festive knits

Seasons greetings from the UK! I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and are getting into the swing of preparing for a fresh start in the new years. I wanted to touch on the topic of festive knits in this post, sure I love a kitsch xmas jumper like the rest of us, but this year I couldn’t bring myself to buy something I would only wear for a handful of days; Not to mention my cupboard is popping at the hinges and the equally divided his and hers is quickly becoming 80% hers 20% his! So I decided to be a little selective and picked a knit that can be worn in the winter months and can see me through to spring. Pastel colours compliment my skin tone and adds freshness to my existing wardrobe pieces. What drew me to this jumper was the contouring knit detail on the back; I love pieces that compliment my shape and as previously mentioned (here) the art of fashion is being able to enhance silhouettes and create curves on the figure.
I love my gold as you all know and these pieces are at the top of my favourite list and work with every outfit I put together. The delicate heart rings and friendship bracelets are an easy way to accessorising a simple look.
Hope you are all enjoying a long festive weekend, I am about to buckle down and get some new artwork ready to showcase in January, follow me on twitter to see my creative updates.

Outfit - Shirt/Mango Jumper/TedBaker Jacket/Zara Scarf/H&M Jeans/RiverIsland Boots/H&M Jewellery/OttomanHands

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Winter walks

Ouch! There was a chill in the air over the weekend; we took these pictures after riding Segway’s in Battersea Park, my toes and fingers were frozen!
To be fair there was a burst of Winter Sun in the morning keeping our backs toasty for a walk. I do love a weekend stroll around London, I love taking my dog to new areas for him to play around in, to my delight this park was one of the most dog friendly areas I’ve ever come across!
Within the beautiful surroundings there were all sorts of activities around, Segway’s for starters, which had me all over the pathways at slower then granny speed (while the rest of my group sped off at 12mph engaging in racing games and obstacle courses!) I wore wedge trainers that were highly inappropriate for this sport; balance way key to controlling the Segway my wedged heel didn’t allow me to keep steady – hence why I was left behind in the races. Its safe to say lesson learnt and I will always read recommendations prior to signing up to sports!
It was a lovely experience once I managed to gain a wee bit of confidence and a great outdoor activity. I work in such a busy environment on a daily basis, sometimes a morning in a park actually feels like a mini holiday esp with the views we were looking out on!
I loved the red ensemble I wore recently so much I tried it with Olive. It is not as striking, but the flow of colours were really complimented by the surroundings.

Outfit - Coat/Zara Shirt/Zara Trousers/Zara Bag/Mango Trainers/Mango Scarf/Zara Hat/RiverIsland

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Recipease - Mexican Street Food

Recipease is the perfect solution for a unique date plan; in all honesty I’m not a big fan of the cinema so I’m always on the hunt for something new to do. When walking through Notting hill earlier this year we came across the Recipease store, a great location just outside Notting Hill Station with a buzzin atmosphere, at first we thought it was a food store but on entering we were surprised to see a large worktop area with what appeared to be a cookery class in full swing. We saw people make fresh pasta, cooking machines you only ever see on tv, vegetable dicing skills entertaining enough to watch all day, accompanied with plenty of wine and laughter.

After enquiring we booked ourselves in for a Mexican street food class, both Gurpreet and myself are massive Mexican fans.
After a quick induction on what end of the knife to use we were put to the test and got cracking with fixing up what would be our dinner.
We made soft corn, hand-pressed tortillas with three delicious toppings; sticky smoked chipotle chicken, sautéed spinach with herbs and feta cheese, and a spicy roasted corn salsa. For sides we whipped up smashed guacamole and a chunky tomato salsa.

It definitely put us through our paces, keeping up with the group and working together as a team - great fun and lots of laughs. Jamie’s Champions were brilliant chefs and amazing tutors. There is a large selection of courses to pick from, possibly Pasta Master next! Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend.


Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Time to whip out the thermals, London is getting rather icy. Soon after these pictures were taken my nose colour matched my ensemble! With the festive season well underway in London I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and wear Santa’s favourite. Red has been flying around the high street recently and seeing it inspired me to give colour blocking ago, I do feel a little ‘Virgin airhostessy’ but I love it. Pairing the shirt and skirt is my winter take on co-ordinates. Of course in true Mitika style I had to pair it with some animal print and comfy block heel boots to walk around town in.

Outfit – Shirt/Zara Skirt/H&M Boots/Pull&Bear Coat/Zara Bag/Reiss

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Natural History

Rainy days, their inevitable right? They make going out a chore, everything gets wet, smells damp, rain frizzes my hair, I get droplets all over my glasses when I'm not wearing lenses, the water always ruins my electronics, bahhh I just don't like it!!
I should really take the opportunity to sit and chill out on rainy days but one thing I cannot do is sit still, I refuse to sit and do nothing all day. The crazy thing is; even if I tried to have a lazy day my brain wouldn’t let it happen.
So when the heavens opened up over London this past weekend, it just meant I had to find an indoors retreat to stay dry in – cue National History Museum.
This architectural wonder is one of my favourite places in London. The sheer amount of detail in every corner is a spectacle to look at. A great source of inspiration for a creative. On this visit I managed to find a quiet corner and I got a chance to sketch a few of my favourite details.
It’s a shame the weather didn’t brighten up, I’m hoping to have a spin around the ice rink outside the museum soon!

Outfit – Jumper/Zara Hat/Zara Skirt/Unknown Boots/Pull&Bear Bag/MichaelKhors
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