Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A little something from me to you

OK here goes! Art is something I am extremely passionate about, I love everything about it, related to it, everything that comes from it and how it makes me feel. My relationship with it is effortless, similarly to the relationships with my loved ones. If it is meant to be it comes naturally. A love like this doesn’t drain you it actually completes you, making you feel whole and you won’t see it as energy wasted, you feel a sense of accomplishment from dedicating so much of your energy into it. Effortless is a good thing in my eyes, a real good thing.
On that note, I would like to share my new found calligraphy skills with you or whoever wishes to receive it : ) If you email me your postal address at I will send you a postcard with a handwritten note or phrase that is inspiring me at that moment in time. Who knows, this could be the start of something new? : ) And its free if you’re wondering, I don’t want to charge for this, I want to see who is as curious as I am. All countries welcome : ) 

Monday, 27 July 2015

Catching sun rays

It’s a feeling I know all too well, sitting wherever the sun rays shine to reenergise and collect my thoughts in the moment. Usually my dog gives me company when I do zone out in the sunshine ( I cuddle him like a hot water bottle till he escapes my hold and runs away) *insert cover face emoji* but this was shot while we were in Rome, after a manic couple of days exploring the magnificent city, we chilled out in our room and on the roof top of our apartment (post on that to come shortly!)
I’m a fan of maxi dresses in the summertime, one of the most fuss free items of clothing I own, teamed it with some festival inspired arm candy by Ottoman Hands and et voila the summer look is complete.
Gurpreet and I are currently in the process of moving into our very first home together so the past couple of weekends have been extremely manic, who knew sofa shopping could be so stressful!? Keep a look out on my Instagram for pictures of the new place : ) I'm hoping to have some interior design posts coming soon!

Outfit - Dress/LauraAshley Necklace/OttomanHands (Different colourway) Rings/OttomanHands Bracelets/OttomanHands,2,3

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Pastel doors

As mentioned in the last post architecture and doorways are my kryptonite. I am forever gazing out the window looking at my surroundings; especially in cities, I love taking time out and looking up to see the walls around me. When I’m abroad my outlook is no different, if anything I stop even more when we are walking just to soak up the atmosphere knowing our time is limited there.
When wandering the streets in Rome this doorway caught my eye. Not the most extravagant or detailed but the colours complimented each other charmingly and the golden door knobs had my attention straight away!
Floating around Rome in this maxi was god sent in the heat, very light, elegant and easy to wear, the back overlay is my favourite feature. With gold accents on the belt it complimented my Ottoman Hands jewels beautifully.
Pop over to their blog here to see what else Gurpreet and I got up to in Rome!

Outfit - Dress/Zara Similar Scarf/Mango Cuff/OttomanHands ShortNecklace/OttomanHands (different colourway) LongNecklace/OttomanHands (different colourway) Bracelets/OttomanHands,2 Earrings/Ottomanhands

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Instagram photo diary

Afternoon everyone, as I sit in the living room going through the next blog post images for the site I recapped on the events from the past week and as mentioned before when the sun’s out my productivity levels shoot through the roof! With a busy week behind me I decided to create a mini screen shot of what my Instagram looked like this past week, I tend to document my daily do-ings on Insta more than I do here.
As I work a stone throw away from one of London’s most scenic parks, Gurpreet and I decided to meet up at Regents Park a couple of evenings after work. With temperatures hitting 37 degrees it seems a shame to waste the evening and head home early.
We also has the pleasure of indulging in afternoon tea at Sketch London, where I wore a head to toe pastel look; blog post on that outfit to follow shortly!
In between my 9-5 I am forever running around the city on errands, dropping things off picking them up, scouting for new trends etc. So naturally I snap away at anything that inspires me. Doorways and architecture are a huge weakness of mine, I’m always in awe of it all; the framework, detail, carvings, colours, I could go on! There is so much to look at. So a fancy doorway or grand building is always a regular pop up on my Instagram feed.
Lastly you will notice some typography, this is something I have been practising for a while now and I am forever writing down phrases, names and inspirational words. Just Do It was one that struck a chord with me when I was at work the other day. It is a well-known slogan from the Nike adverts and they emphasise the mantra of living in the moment, not wasting any time and whatever it is you are thinking of doing, just do it!
Jotting these little words of wisdom down really help me focus to believe if I work hard enough I can achieve anything I set my mind to. So as cheesy as it sounds, watch this space! Mitika is cooking up something special : )

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Neutrals in Rome

Well hello July! Summer is in full swing and with the sun out I feel so much more motivated to do as many things possible within 24 hours, my productivity rates have shot straight up!
This afternoon we went to view our new apartment for the first time, I couldn't contain my excitement. This is something I have dreamt of for such a long time and now imagining living that life as a daily routine seems like a blessing. Maybe we can venture out into interior design or food posts?! Ha! ok, let’s not get carried away too much, but I honestly think this new adventure ahead of Gurpreet and I will lead to bigger and brighter opportunities.
In the meantime I have some little gems to share with you, here’s a flashback from when we visited Rome in April. I didn’t intentionally dress to blend in with the surroundings but it just goes to show, basic neutral colours can never go out of style!
It was a blessing in disguise my hair straightener stopped working, it meant my natural hair was given some limelight and luckily it ended up doing some magical voluminous things! To see more images from our Rome trip head over to the Ottoman Hands blog where you can see the sites we visited too.

Outfit – Top/Mango Jeans/RiverIsland Scarf/Mango Shoes/Mango Rings/OttomanHands,2,3,4 Bangles/OttomanHands,2 Cuff/OttomanHands Necklace/OttomanHands (different colour way)
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