Saturday, 29 August 2015


This is my first travel look from Venice last month. The pictures were taken just outside our room on the Marriott hotel grounds, the gardens were beautiful to walk through, although I'm going to be honest I was eaten alive by mosquitos! If you are planning a trip to Venice take repellent!
As this trip was mega last minute, I didn't have time to shop or plan that much so I kept my outfits very simple, I decided to keep accessories minimal and you will notice in my upcoming Venice posts I'm wearing the same mini selection of jewellery pieces to wear throughout the holiday.
Having less options on holiday meant I spent less time getting ready and more time enjoying the beautiful city and Gurpreet's company for our second wedding anniversary!

Outfit - Top/Zara (old) Short/MissSelfridges Hat/H&M Bag/MarcJacobs Bracelet/OttomanHands Earrings/OttomanHands Necklace/OttomanHands Rings/OttomanHands, 2 Sandals/Primark

Friday, 21 August 2015

Pink Paradise

When I set my eyes on this pink paradise I was mesmerised, the walls, marble chevron floor, velvet marshmallow curved couches, gold accents, illustrated walls and quirky cutlery had me in a trance! Its rather magical inside Sketch London’s Gallery room and definitely takes you away from the real world for an afternoon.
I knew we were in for a visual delight when booking a slot for afternoon tea so why waste an opportunity to dress up!? ; ) I went all out and rocked pastel pink and mauve head to toe, I felt a little like a Malibu Stacy doll but loved it. A figure hugging skirt with an overhanging cropped top helps balance out the silhouette, this House of CB skirt is my absolute favourite, it definitely hugs in all the right places!
I mixed my metals in this outfit, the cropped top has a heavy silver diamante neckline which is a beautiful design statement, but you know me and my love for stacking right!? I teamed it with my Ottoman Hand gems which are all set in gold, I personally think the contrast works well and it’s always good to experiment with colours, you would be surprised what combinations work better and pull an outfit together.

So for those of you who are not familiar with afternoon tea, I’ll try and break it down. I actually have a fond experience of afternoon/high tea from a good 5 years ago, I was with my family in one of London’s prestigious department stores, after Christmas shopping we were feeling a little parched and went to the top floor to maybe sit down have a tea or muffin, after seeing a price tag of £45 + per person we quickly exited. £45 for TEA?! Can you take it home, plant it into your flower bed and grow a money tree afterwards?! Why was it so expensive?!
I now know it’s not a single mug of tea served, it is actually a meal, well sort of. Afternoon tea is a selection of sandwiches, cakes and pastries, fruits and tea. A real mixture of little nibbles, but believe me when I say it fills you up!!! It is actually hard to finish everything served and you end up leaving the experience with a well-rounded food baby.
It is one of those once in a blue moon experiences as you don’t go for afternoon tea that often (it’s a crazy sugar rush so I wouldn’t recommend that much cake regularly!)
Sketch London definitely topped my lists of venues for afternoon tea, I couldn’t fault it, also the cocktails OULALA! Very very tasty!
I would love to hear from you if you recommend anywhere else in London for afternoon tea!

Outfit - Skirt/HouseofCB Top/TedBaker Shoes/Primark Bag/Mulberry Earrings/OttomanHands Bracelets/OttomanHands, 2 Cuff/OttomanHands Rings/ OttomanHands, 2, 3

Thursday, 13 August 2015


So on most my social media outlets I have been rambling about Gurpreet and I finally moving into our very own home. In between weddings, work and gym we have squeezed in furnishing the flat bit by bit. It’s still looking a little bare but while we wait for the big furniture to arrive, Natalie (my Croatian counterpart) and I decided to have some fun with the blank canvas.
This has been my uniform lately, I know a lot of people frown on ‘lounge style joggers’ worn out in public, but heck! They are too comfy to pass up on, esp with all the running around we have been doing.
As you can see I prioritised my books and organised them all nicely, I still have stacks to unpack but I cannot wait to get going with it all and finally move in! I’ll show you more once were settled in a bit more.

Photography - Natalie Tari
Outfit – Vest/RiverIsland Joggers/Bershka Rings/OttomanHands ,2 ,3 Earrings/OttomanHands Bangle/OttomanHands (similar)

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Free to be me

At a time my heart desperately needed to be reminded everything happens for a reason I came across the amazingly gifted Rob Hill.
None of us will ever get it perfect, but that shouldn’t be the goal. We should be strong enough not to let temporary pain put constrictions on the way we express and develop our love. For me it isn’t love if it makes you feel anything short of free, free to express ourselves, free to communicate, free to dream and explore and create… and though we love by choice, we can’t make anyone chose to do right by us. Trying to control shows a lack of trust. Our job is to get people to feel love, even if it’s for a short time. And loved in a way that changes them forever. A way that makes them better… love endures, it’s just our understanding of what it really is that changes. – Rob Hill

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