Saturday, 26 September 2015


Ok ok, hear me out, this look was a sure hit in my mind I envisioned it to look smart and chic.
I pulled the jumper over my head, slapped on my hat and made a run for the door to catch the 6:50am train to work. I only realised once I reached work that I looked 10 years my senior and could pass off for a girl in a private high school uniform.
Not really the look I was going for, but obviously I had to roll with it. After work hours I love to make the most of the city, Natalie and I went to the British Museum, they have late night admission every Friday. I absolutely love what this city has to offer, there is inspiration in every corner. As previously mentioned I am on a mission to recycle my wardrobe and utilise what I have to its fullest. I have worn the boots, skirt, hat and bag previously, the jumper is a newbie but in a colour that always makes a regular appearance during the autumn months.

Outfit - Jumper/NewLook Skirt/Zara (similar) Boots/Zara (Similar) Bags/LoveMoschino (similar) Hat/HongKong (similar) Rings/OttomanHands

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Wardrobe rehab

The other week I rambled a little on an instagram post about my recent attitude towards shopping and material items. Moving homes has been a massive eye opener, only now have I realised the extent of items Gurps and I own.
I have so many clothes but yet more than often I still feel the need to buy something ‘new’ or ‘on trend’ its ridiculous.
I only have one body! Its not necessary for me to own 80 pairs of shoes and 35 pairs of jeans. (Figures are purely off the top of my head, I don’t think I actually own 35 pairs of jeans!) Its crazy, especially as my parents lived in a time where they had to rotate between two pairs of everything; I’m living a life of luxury in comparison.
As a result of this thought process, I haven't been shopping as much and Im really on a mission to define my wardrobe. I want to feel good wearing something I purchased 5 years ago. Just because the high street stores turn around new collections fortnightly I feel theres no need for me to buy into it.
So apologies if you see items that are not in the stores anymore, but I'm more then happy to find current alternatives for you to help achieve the looks.

Starting with one of my most beloved possessions in my closet, my zebra stripped coat. I purchased this a fair few years ago and I absolutely LOVE it. I know animal prints aren't to everyones taste and more then often they look tacky. But if you pair them with basics and don’t clash colours I think it can work for anyone, any shape, any size.
Teamed with a cute fluty skirt (which is short I know, but I'm 5’’1 so in my defence it doesn’t look like I'm showing too much, I hardly have any legs to show!) a slouchy top and nude heels.
Be sure to see these items pop up again soon, I love fashion and trends but they always churn out similar items every season, I suppose its all about being selective and clever about my shopping choices. Wardrobe rehab is underway!

Photography - Natalie Tari
Outfit – Top/UrbanOutfitters Skirt/Zara(old) Similar Heels/Primark Coat/Zara(old) Similar Belt/Charles&Keith(old) Similar Bag/LoveMoschino (old) Similar Bracelets/OttomanHands, 2(similar) Rings/OttomanHands, 2, 3 Heart necklace/Forever21

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Getting lost in Venice

Venice was stunning from the moment we landed. We were greeted to beautiful blue skies and temperature in the mid 30’s. It’s everything I’ve seen in the movies and more. As an admirer of anything created with love, I thoroughly enjoyed gazing at the architecture when riding the taxi boats; one thing I loved the most was the variety of doorbells we saw. I have come to the conclusion this year that Italy has some of the most extravagant doorbell buttons! (Paris holds the title for doorways) I actually have tonnes of doorbell images but that might get a bit boring for some.
As you can see the streets have so much character, the colours against the water and skies look beautiful. Venice is very much like a moving painting, absolutely stunning views from every spot.
The best thing to do is to head out with a belly full for energy and literally get lost all day in the alleyways. Instincts will always bring you back to the main square, trust me!

Outfit - Shirtdress/Zara (SS 15) Bag/MarcJacobs Shoes/Primark Bracelet/OttomanHands Necklace/OttomanHands Rings/OttomanHands Earrings/OttomanHands
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