Sunday, 13 September 2015

Getting lost in Venice

Venice was stunning from the moment we landed. We were greeted to beautiful blue skies and temperature in the mid 30’s. It’s everything I’ve seen in the movies and more. As an admirer of anything created with love, I thoroughly enjoyed gazing at the architecture when riding the taxi boats; one thing I loved the most was the variety of doorbells we saw. I have come to the conclusion this year that Italy has some of the most extravagant doorbell buttons! (Paris holds the title for doorways) I actually have tonnes of doorbell images but that might get a bit boring for some.
As you can see the streets have so much character, the colours against the water and skies look beautiful. Venice is very much like a moving painting, absolutely stunning views from every spot.
The best thing to do is to head out with a belly full for energy and literally get lost all day in the alleyways. Instincts will always bring you back to the main square, trust me!

Outfit - Shirtdress/Zara (SS 15) Bag/MarcJacobs Shoes/Primark Bracelet/OttomanHands Necklace/OttomanHands Rings/OttomanHands Earrings/OttomanHands

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