Sunday, 31 May 2015

Tangerine walls

Walking through Rome was a little tricky during peak hours, the streets were packed curb to curb with tourists, street artists and mini souvenir stalls.
Gurpreet and I decided to stroll through the back ally's parallel to the main road into the city. The tangerine walls instantly screamed holiday to me and were a refreshing change from the London buildings which are a neutral stone/ terracota brick colour. I love how the other countries I have visited in Europe are different, with painted walls, cobbled streets and gated/shutter windows they have a laid back style not as intimidating as London.
I kept my clothes colour palette neutral and added pops of colour through my accessories, make up and jewellery.
Pop over to the Laura Ashley blog to see what I had to say about holiday style and little helpful pointers about packing / holiday wardrobes.
I have been a little quiet on the blog this past month, if you follow me on Instagram, you most probably noticed I visited Marrakech for my birthday, it was a short sweet trip non blog related and I had a lovely break. I'm back and fully focused to set this year off with a bang! I love collaborating with brands and other creatives. If you have any ideas please do let me know, you can contact me on
Also one last thing I'd like to share with you all. This morning I woke up and decided to watch a documentary on Netflix called Happy. A beautifully filmed show that helps us find a little perspective in life especially if you feel a little lost. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

No such thing as ready - only now

I visited Rome last month with Gurpreet, we had an amazing time and managed to soak up a bucket load of history and inspiration. We are becoming increasingly fond of short European trips loving the change of scenery and experiencing new adventures.
This was shot in a rose garden opposite the incredible coliseum. It was the prefect summer’s evening, the sun was setting in the distance and everyone was on their way home from work. The rose gardens were buzzing with locals and tourists enjoying the beautiful views and relaxing.
The humidity in the air was making my hair rather fluffy and after a long day of dotting around the city we were feeling a little tired, but something about these set of pictures instantly lift me up.
To me, they represent living. Even though we were tired, ready to call it a day and go eat, we made the most of the final hour of sunshine. It reminds me to live in the moment. I saw this quote online which I absolutely love and feel like it should be life's motto.
‘It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you are ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now.’ – Hugh Laurie.

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