Sunday, 3 April 2016

New adventures

Today’s post is a little different, no outfit pictures this weekend, instead I have decided to talk a little about what I love, what interests me and basically what is going on in my life.
My irregular posts have been due to being busy with life in general. Not long ago Gurpreet and I moved into our own apartment and finally it is starting to feel like home. With all the rooms decorated and furnished it is quickly becoming my sanctuary. I love it! More so because last week we finally put some art work on the walls and this is where my excitement kicks in, not just any artwork, MY artwork!!
I am so proud of my illustration journey so far and absolutely love the drawings when they are professionally printed. I definitely feel a sense of accomplishment when looking back on the past couple of months.
This morning I have opened up an Etsy store, I plan to sell my favourite pieces online; so please do check it out (click this link to go to the shop) and support the artwork where you can, something as small as sharing it on social media or even purchasing a piece for your own four walls would be massively appreciated. After all my dream is to turn my 9-5 into a full time self employed illustration career so lets see how it goes!
I shop frequently in Costco the American wholesalers and when I get a chance I always dive into the book section. That’s my happy zone far far away from the cake isle which picks away at my self control! (if you are a Costco regular you will know their gigantic cakes test every ones will power) I found this absolute gem of a book last week, it is stunningly presented in a hardback case with foil embossing on the cover. The images inside are beautifully archived, it’s the type of book you can flick through and pass hours without realising. I think coffee table books are my weakness, I invest so much money on books I have my own little library. On a rainy day I don’t like to flick on the television, I gravitate towards my books and cosy up with them to be inspired.
Lemon tea is my saviour, I live by this drink (nothing fancy just boiling water and a slice of lemon) I drink glasses of this daily. I can’t promote the health benefits to you because in all honesty I don’t know them and I'm only sharing this because I literally love it but I do know its got one up in the health department over the cordials!
If you follow my snapchat then you will be aware of my obsession with all things Marc Jacobs lately. I recently started illustrating his collection for Autumn Winter 2016 only to be picked up on it by the man himself and his team! I was pretty gobsmacked but so appreciative of having access to the Internet and being in the right place at the right time. His team have supported my illustrations and helped expose my work to a much wider audience then I could have even dreamt of.
Through being noticed the team were kind enough to send me some goodies in the form of beauty products! I'm not a make up buff, but I do like to dabble with new things here and there so ill definitely wear this in my next post : )
And as we are on the note of make up, I think there is something I should share with you all, as you can see from most my posts my make up is always on the ‘natural’ side. Mainly because I have no idea how to apply foundation / contour / create a smokey eye, but also because I feel comfortable enough to wear little and go out. This product right here is one I will shout about from the rooftops, the link is here and I cannot tell you how much of a natural glow it gives you.
I purchased this over a year ago but the reason why I'm not showing you the contents on the inside is because I broke it. It is a shimmer brick of different shades which you brush over and apply to your face. This product DOES come with a sponge to help keep the brick in tact, I cleverly lost that sponge and my brick shattered into a handful of crumbs; this was a blessing in disguise though. Since the brick shattered the reflective particles in the palette have blended better then I could have imagined and now one sweep of the shimmer brick is all I need for day make up. If you don’t believe me go to the stores and try it! I am 100% certain it will create a glow effect on every skin tone. Thank me later : )
Well I hope you enjoyed reading, I will definitely be posting more fashion posts soon. Have a lovely week! x

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