Monday, 27 April 2015

Ottoman Hands x Mitika Suri

With spring well underway Gurpreet and I decided to take a trip into the city on the weekend. We stopped off at the Tate Galleries before walking over the bridge to St Pauls Cathedral. The gardens surrounding the Cathedral are perfect to sit in during the spring time, you can easily pass an hour or two watching the coach load of tourists visiting the site.
I do love spending time people watching, how they present themselves intrigues me. Many different cultures and nationalities cross my way on a daily basis, which is one of the biggest plus points of living in London.

We shot this look especially for Ottoman Hands, remember the jewellery I am always obsessing over – the hammered gold mounted gems?! Well I am elated to tell you, I am now their brand ambassador *insert massive cheesy grin emoji*
We have started with a small intro over on their blog. Be sure to check back in, we have some visual delights in store for you to see very soon!


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