Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Carpark chronicles

Here’s a little something Natali Tari and I cooked up last weekend. You can never go wrong with a baggy shirt and jeans combo : )
This past week I’ve been busy inking away images from Men’s Fashion Week and Couture Week! If you click here you can see a handful of images I have uploaded to my illustration insta, there have definitely been a fair few highlights which I’ll share in an art post this week, but feel free to check it out. I also post odd bits and bobs on my Snapchat so you can see my creative process. (Snapchat name Mitika Suri)

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

A new day

We knew we wanted to get away for the holidays, we just didn’t have a plan. Growing up in an Indian family meant Christmas wasn’t on the top of our festival list. Christmas day in my household is celebrated by wrapping up dog presents and watching Jambu ( our Maltese/Bichon fris mix) open them to our amusement.
Half way through Christmas day Gurpreet and I decided to try our luck on a last minute break away, we found a deal for Florida packed our bags and flew out the next morning. Basking in 30 degrees we thoroughly enjoyed a week out. Having had plenty of time off from all media outlets, our 9-5 jobs and general commotion that goes on in December.
I’m looking forward to jumping into the deep end for 2016.
I am currently in the process of signing onto agencies for artist representation, this is something I’ve wanted to pursue for many years, but just haven’t. My first project has been creating branding for a Boutique Hair salon in the states! I’m looking forward to seeing my artwork on products. I definitely feel it’s about time!
Here’s an outfit you’ve all seen before (here) Chasing the sun was one of my many highlights for the new year’s. I hope you all had a wonderful break, let’s make 2016 one to remember : )
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