Saturday, 27 September 2014

New season, new me!

I’m excited for Autumn to settle in, let’s face it we said bye to Summer a little while ago! I’m ready for a new wardrobe palette, leafy hues and layering. This ox blood skirt is one of my favourite fall colours, it works well with the three basics (black, white & grey) It’s fluty shape is one that compliments my figure, skims my hips a little, flairs out, and sits a couple of inches above my knees. I teamed it with my new winter booties, I have never been too grunge but the gun metal hardware adds a little roughness to essentially a Chelsea boot in disguise! To round it off my beautiful little wool hat sits just right over my freshly cut hair; I enjoyed my long locks but I felt like I was ready for a drastic change! New season, new me!

Outfit – Jumper/Mango Skirt/Zara Boots/Zara Bag/Mango Hat/Primark

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Her Minajesty

Some evenings when everyone is consumed by the TV, I kick back with a stack of magazines and soak up the 411 in creative arts. I saw a Nicki Minaj editorial in Dazed and Confused and by chance this line sketch fell right into place; it is one of my favourite drawings to date.
Sometimes a couple of lines in the right place at the right angle make an image successful, I am reluctant to use an eraser because becoming too precious about mistakes can ruin the fluidness of drawing. I don’t like my drawings to look too perfect; otherwise I’m better off photocopying right?

Monday, 22 September 2014

Stone Shades

I started this blog roughly 5 months ago, it has definitely served its purpose as an outlet for my creativity, opened new doors for experiences, highlighted my husband’s hidden photography talent (he has taken all my images so far, no previous photography training, never been creative as such and has no interest in arts unless it involves some sort of technology/gadgets - round of applause for him please!) and allowed me to interact with other creative individuals.
I find working with people you can bounce positive energy off is a must. I love hearing about projects / idea’s / plans, it gives me a boost to achieve more and set higher goals.
I have a couple of targets I am working towards in the art department, if everything goes to plan you will definitely hear all about it and if not – you will be my pick me up so I can give it another go at the next given opportunity.

I whipped together this stone palette combo for the weekend. I know I mentioned not wearing white often (here) but since that statement I’m gravitating towards it more than ever! Reverse psychology is a funny thing eh? I am a true Gemini down to the T, one moment I’m accessorise free and keeping it simple then I flip it to wearing every item I own in one go. This necklace was bought on a whim, a tad pricey but can be worn with virtually every top in my wardrobe – I am trying to ‘get my monies worth’ so you will see it pop up frequently!
Also may I highlight this beautiful gemmed ring from Ottoman Hands, I know the colours don’t match, some stones are pearlised and others rough, but for me it just works; a stunning piece with a beautiful gold plated finish. I broke up the neutral colours with my statement zebra pattern coat and small black tote bag.

Outfit – Shirt/Primark Jeans/RiverIsland Coat/Zara Boots/H&M Scarf/H&M Bag/MichaelKors Necklace/Zara Gem bracelet/OttomanHands Gem ring/OttomanHands Gold rings/H&M

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Pastel Pieces

Outfit – Dress/Marks&Spencer Jacket/Zara Boots/H&M Watch/MichaelKors Bracelet/Pandora

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Creative cutting

What I love about fashion is the ability for designers to enhance shapes on the figure, to create an illusion and manipulate fabric from 2d form to 3d.
I naturally have a pear shaped figure so the peplum silhouette works wonders for me, cinches me in at the waist and creates a flared outline. I teamed the jacket with a mini from Oasis with fine detailing on the sides that also help create a shapely illusion.
The idea is to not follow fashion completely but adapt it to suit your shape and go with the trends that compliment you.

Outfit - Jacket/Zara Vest/RiverIsland Skirt/Oasis

Monday, 1 September 2014

Sunday Fluttering

My latest obsession is hunting for Mews in London, they harbour oodles of character and are so beautiful; I found this one on a trip to Notting Hill. Potted plants and pastel walls were the perfect eye candy for a Sunday morning adventure.
My hummingbird jumper is from a new printed collection designed by Peter Ting for Oasis. The flutter collection is beautifully collated with prints and silhouettes, designed around a bluesy palette. Check it out here I’m sure you will be able to find a style piece to add to your autumn wardrobe.

Outfit – Jacket/Zara Shirt/Mango Jumper/Oasis Skirt/Oasis Boots/Ash Bag/KateSpadeNY Necklace/Zara Watch/MichaelKors Bracelet/Pandora
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