Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Natural History

Rainy days, their inevitable right? They make going out a chore, everything gets wet, smells damp, rain frizzes my hair, I get droplets all over my glasses when I'm not wearing lenses, the water always ruins my electronics, bahhh I just don't like it!!
I should really take the opportunity to sit and chill out on rainy days but one thing I cannot do is sit still, I refuse to sit and do nothing all day. The crazy thing is; even if I tried to have a lazy day my brain wouldn’t let it happen.
So when the heavens opened up over London this past weekend, it just meant I had to find an indoors retreat to stay dry in – cue National History Museum.
This architectural wonder is one of my favourite places in London. The sheer amount of detail in every corner is a spectacle to look at. A great source of inspiration for a creative. On this visit I managed to find a quiet corner and I got a chance to sketch a few of my favourite details.
It’s a shame the weather didn’t brighten up, I’m hoping to have a spin around the ice rink outside the museum soon!

Outfit – Jumper/Zara Hat/Zara Skirt/Unknown Boots/Pull&Bear Bag/MichaelKhors

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