Sunday, 16 November 2014

Hand Picked Favourites

Sometimes ideas take a while to develop into workable concepts, I always keep my diary to hand so I can jot things down, I have at least 50 blog post / illustration ideas penned out but just haven’t had the time to pitch them to companies or bring them to life for the blog myself. Eventually everything falls into place, the ‘hand picked’ idea came to me this morning. I knew I wanted to sketch out some of my favourite items from the Laura Ashley SS15 press day, I just didn’t know how, sometimes the simplest form of illustration is most effective and doesn’t distract from the focal point – in this case the products.

My hand picked favourites were items that struck a chord with me for various reasons;
1) Sweet pea and Freesia scented candle – I love scented candles especially when I’m in my zen mode drawing or designing. It helps create a calming atmosphere allowing me to relax just a wee bit more than usual.
2) Dog lamp – I don’t think I need to explain my love for this, if you follow my twitter you have seen my son (a four year old Maltese and Bichon fris mix, ok so he’s not really my son, but I’d do anything for that dog!) Although the lamp is a Labrador it still wins brownie points with me.
3) Embellished clutch – beautiful embroidery on a classic design, win win situation really. It is key to not over complicate something that just works.
4) Light bulb – I’m 5’’1 so I’m forever looking up, up at buildings, ceilings, trees, the sky; anything and everything really. So when looking up and seeing the little knit of creativity inside the bulb it made me smile.
And there you have it my Laura Ashley SS15 press day picks. Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday!

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