Sunday, 14 December 2014

Recipease - Mexican Street Food

Recipease is the perfect solution for a unique date plan; in all honesty I’m not a big fan of the cinema so I’m always on the hunt for something new to do. When walking through Notting hill earlier this year we came across the Recipease store, a great location just outside Notting Hill Station with a buzzin atmosphere, at first we thought it was a food store but on entering we were surprised to see a large worktop area with what appeared to be a cookery class in full swing. We saw people make fresh pasta, cooking machines you only ever see on tv, vegetable dicing skills entertaining enough to watch all day, accompanied with plenty of wine and laughter.

After enquiring we booked ourselves in for a Mexican street food class, both Gurpreet and myself are massive Mexican fans.
After a quick induction on what end of the knife to use we were put to the test and got cracking with fixing up what would be our dinner.
We made soft corn, hand-pressed tortillas with three delicious toppings; sticky smoked chipotle chicken, sautéed spinach with herbs and feta cheese, and a spicy roasted corn salsa. For sides we whipped up smashed guacamole and a chunky tomato salsa.

It definitely put us through our paces, keeping up with the group and working together as a team - great fun and lots of laughs. Jamie’s Champions were brilliant chefs and amazing tutors. There is a large selection of courses to pick from, possibly Pasta Master next! Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend.


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