Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Other Art Fair

The past weekend I popped my head round to ‘The Other Art Fair’ in the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane. There was an amazing display of talent and creativity, so much to think about and question. Visiting fairs like these help you to open your mind and consider art from someone else’s perspective, sometimes it is too easy to concentrate on your own methods you can forget to try anything new. I like artists that make me question their working process, or what the story behind their piece is.
Three artists that stood out the most to me were;
1) Fran Giffard, her work was beautifully presented on dairy pages and the quality of detail was to perfection; vivid colours with a fluent painting technique.
2) Damilola Odusote, the energy from his space and art was insane, he has definitely found a great style that works as his signature. It’s lovely to see a buzz around an individual’s work and know their hard work is paying off. He toys with the idea of merging two pieces to create one, linking them with 3d objects in a playful manner.
3) Olivier Marc Thomas Leger, His artwork cannot be taken in at a glance, the stories and detail in each piece is infinite. It’s almost like a story book on one page, there is an incredible amount of thought gone into creating all the mini worlds in one piece. This all might sound a little alien to you, but if you check his work out, you will be able to understand what I am talking about. Seeing artists like Olivier is refreshing, through all the shows I have been to, it is nice to see someone find their niche that does not follow the trend driven crowds.
Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to photograph inside the event, but believe me it was buzzing. I did manage to pick up this wodge of inspiration in the form of 'Lie down I think I love you' books forever keep me busy, especially on those rainy days when leaving the house doesn't sound appealing!
After the show we took a quick stroll around the block and then straight back home. I currently have a little stack of deadlines coming up and with Diwali celebrations kicking off from mid-week I have had to keep my head down and get straight back to work. You will most probably be able to hear me ranting, singing, thinking out loud on my twitter feed!

Outfit – Crop T/UrbanOutfitters Shirt/Bershka Jacket/Adidas Joggers/Zara Trainers/Primark

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