Friday, 13 January 2017

Thinking outside the box.

Thinking outside the box.
A phrase we have heard one too many times before, a phrase I actually find ridiculously frustrating to apply when told to do so. I only think outside the box unconsciously, I only experiment when I’m completely in tune with what I am doing, because when I’m fully focused I don’t even have the capacity to think of limitations or boxes.
I swear by the philosophy of not to overthink things; the unnecessary stress is not needed!

Change your environment.
If you have a list of goals in mind make sure your environment is set up to encourage you, make it work for you not against you. A surrounding should positively contribute to motivating you, by removing distractions the temptation to waste time is reduced. So it could be something as small as decluttering, organising your area, introducing more sunlight into the room or even moving your workouts from indoors to outdoors, whatever the factors may be pinpoint them and address them. Don’t fall into the trap of using them as excuses that hold you back.

Practice being open-minded.
With the state of the world and the ever changing opinions around us, being open minded is needed more now than ever. Being prejudice doesn’t work, it doesn’t make the world go round; acceptance, empathy and love does. If you want to stimulate new ideas and think outside the box you must allow for a different way of thinking to flow. Address things you could have overlooked, consider other points of views, experiment with your process and keep in mind that mistakes are simply re-routes. Don’t be afraid to fail, embrace the changes these setbacks create and try again. A defeated attitude doesn’t get very far, a curious, determined and creative one will surely stumble upon something new, that’s the magic of serendipity!

When the going gets tough the tough get going.
Wait, what? What does that even mean? I was just feeling fancy so I’ll keep that heading. But my last point is based on our perception of tough times.
Do you ever recall saying ‘I can’t do this, I can’t carry on, life’s over, woe is me’ or something along those lines? Well I’d like to congratulate you 1) for being alive 2) actually reading this far down. *I truly appreciate it*
My point from babbling is that tough times do not last. Nothing worth having happens overnight. Everything is work in progress, if you feel defeated it’s very unsettling, so for that reason continue to push your boundaries, carry on experimenting, of course naturally you will encounter some setbacks but resolve and work through those trials and tribulations. This is life!
These are minor glitches in the grand scheme of things, what determines our success is our attitude towards the mini ‘failures’ Outwork them, outgrow them and change those weaknesses into strengths!


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