Tuesday, 10 February 2015


What do you do when you have a dream? A dream that itches you when you take a little time out, a dream that wakes you up in the middle of the night, a dream that does not let you rest till you achieve it.
You work, work and work some more. My whole life I have never mentally rested, I am forever creating new projects for myself, setting personal goals, creating book ideas, designing poster collections, you name it, I’ve most probably had a crack at it. But as I am getting older one thing I’m sure about is, I am passionate about what I do. My style has developed over the years and I am now starting to pave my path; through this blog, through networking and through growing up and finding out whom I really am.
Being a British born Indian I am drawn to everything remotely close to my roots, I love my culture and what it holds. I have always celebrated its fashion, food, land, rituals and traditions; it is part of my upbringing and me.
Art is a field I have always excelled in; from a young age pen and pencil were my weapon of choice. (I drew a bunch of clothing hangers under my parents kitchen table when I was 3 – proof that fashion and illustration were in my DNA from my toddler days!)
I have refined my craft through studying at college and university; my personal style has developed in front of many as I have posted my trials and tribulations on social media.
I can now proudly show you what I have been working on and where my art skills will be heading for the foreseeable future.

I have a dear friend of 11 years, who is part of an amazing couture jewellery house Jazzy Bindi. I have watched this company grow from strength to strength. Their attention to detail, quality and love for bespoke design has endlessly inspired me, sparking the idea to illustrate the Jazzy Bindi Bride.
Since getting married two years ago, I realised the wedding industry has rapidly advanced and this one time celebration is growing into tremendous entertainment feats for all to enjoy. One thing I remember specifically was the battle of trying to keep things personal and true to myself. A very challenging task, when families and cultural opinions are involved.
That is where I feel these illustrations step in; not for the show, not for anyone’s approval but a personal bespoke art piece for the bride on her memorable day.
I am extremely passionate about this style of art, I understand first-hand how much preparation goes into making this look perfect and I love illustrating all the detail, designs and beauty.

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