Thursday, 22 January 2015

#TBT How it all began

A year ago we took a trip to London; a memorable touristic stroll down the Jubilee Walk that turned out to be the start to all this creativity I have been posting online since April 2014.
I was gifted a camera for my 16th birthday, long before camera phones were available (I feel a little old saying that!) It stayed with me 24/7, I would take pictures of everything from tree bark patterns, pebbles, clouds, people, trains, puddles to butterflies and dogs in the park, my list is endless. I take pictures of anything that inspires me and sparks new ideas; I have a very creative background, I eat, breathe and sleep art. Gurpreet on the other hand is a technology wiz, the polar opposite of me. He builds computers, programmes things and fixes my electronics when they break! Obviously I haven’t explained his talents well there, but the bottom line is, if it is powered by electricity I’m 99.9% sure he knows about it. Anything remotely creative and he is clueless, Van Gogh who?!
On this Jubilee walk I was snapping away like a tourist and decided to prep Gurps on how to take my picture. We took a couple of pictures here and there then carried on with our day and went home. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but when looking back at the pictures I couldn’t help but think, these images are great, if I could teach him more about composition, lighting and little photography tricks, he would be able to take relatively good pictures of me!

Since getting married we would make a point of going out every weekend and trying something new, exploring a part of the city we hadn’t been before, visiting exhibitions and taking the dog to new parks; basically anything other than sitting at home watching TV. We would take the camera with us and snap away. Little by little our pictures and content were improving each time, our work started to sync together and with some direction Gurps started to take pictures way better than I could imagine.
In the evenings I would spend endless hours flicking through blogs and magazines seeing so many creative beings achieve wonderful things and I couldn’t help but feel like I wanted a slice of that success. I knew I had everything it took to do what they do, I just wasn’t doing it. I don’t know why it took me so long to start this, part of me didn’t want to be judged by people I knew, I didn’t know how my ideas would be received: I didn’t know how to go about it and I sure didn’t want to blog to an audience of ‘no one’. So I just kept dreaming about what it would be like to achieve online success and recognition for my work.
A little later in the year, I was involved with an illustration exhibition which was the official turning point for me. In April 2014 I took part in Pen & Ink, I had the opportunity to display my artwork alongside other amazing artists. I knew if I didn’t start the blog then I would forever put it off for another day.

So there we have it, the journey began; Gurps and I would aim to take pictures once a week for the blog and I would try and share my artwork for people to see. I loved it, I love looking back at what we have created so far, all those weekend that could have been spent in front of the TV have turned into weekends full of memories, experiences and achievements. We both have built a portfolio of fashion styling, photography and art.
Originally I started the blog as Mitika’s illustrations, I wanted it to be the main portal for my artwork, but as time passed it became apparent we were spending more time shooting and I couldn’t spare enough time to create illustrations; this did result in a little confusion and mislead some people into wondering where the hell the illustrations from Mitika’s illustrations were supposed to be. Therefore we decided to join together and start Suri Times Two, a creative outlet for both of us.
If you are thinking of starting a blog my advice to you would be;
- Do it! Do not waste time on wishing things could happen to you, go out and make them happen for you.
- Everyone starts blogging to ‘no one’ that was my biggest fear and we have now just reached 16,000 hits and our first year hasn’t even finished.
- Creative people appreciate creative people, I have learnt that your friends may not always be the ones that support you, other people that recognise talent will find you and they will support you, I have been lucky enough to meet people that believe in my work and this keeps me on the right path.
- Be consistent. Before you know it, your portfolio will appear from something that started out as a bit of fun.
- Hopefully that helps, if you do have any more questions feel free to message me on any of the social media platforms, I love to hear from other creatives.
That’s all for now. Stay tuned, I have a really good feeling about 2015! #teamsuri


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