Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Customising a classic

After seeing the new Mango DIY competition, I decided to raid my craft supplies and see what I could whip up. I love customising; making something personal and unique.

1) I always like to keep my options open, so having a variety of different gems and sequins is a bonus. Have a little play around with your design and see what arrangement works best.

2) Copydex is a very strong craft adhesive, ideal for securing the larger gems. Apply a small amount to the back and place onto garment where desired, hold for 30 seconds to make sure it is pressed on firmly.

3) After attaching the gems I decided to break up the pink and stitched on an outline with blue sequins. Tie up any loose ends on the reverse side and et voila – customising a classic is complete.

Outfit - Jacket/Zara Scarf/Levis Tshirt/Primark

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